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Email related full forms


AcronymFull Form
ASAPas soon as possible
AWHFYAre we having fun yet?
AYPIAnd your point is?
DUR?Do you remember?
J4Fjust for fun
KISSkeep it simple, stupid
NFCno further comment
NRNno reply necessary
NTMnot to mention
OBTWoh, by the way
P&Cprivate and confidential
QLquit laughing
RTMread the manual
SITDstill in the dark
WFMworks for me
YYSSWyeah yeah sure sure whatever
ZZZsleeping, bored, tired

কাজের Status বোঝাবার জন্য

AcronymFull Form
ADBBall done bye bye
BBLbe back later
BBIAFbe back in a few
BBIABbe back in a bit
BCNUbe seein’ you
BFNbye for now
BRBbe right back
CUL8Rsee you Later
LTNSlong time no see
TAFNthat’s all for now
TTFNta ta for now
TTYLtalk to you later
WBwelcome back

Feelings বোঝানোর জন্য

AcronymFull Form
^5high five
AASalive and smiling
BEGbig evil grin
BGbig grin
GMTAgreat minds think alike
HHO 1/2 Kha ha, only half kidding
HTHhope this(that) helps
JKjust kidding
LOLlaughing out loud
MHOTYmy hat’s off to you
MTFBWUmay the force be with you
ROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
RUOKAre you okay?
T+think positive
TIAthanks in advance
WEGwicked evil grin
WTGway to go


Acronym – Full Form

🙂 or 🙂 – smiley face

O:-) – angelic smile

😎 – big-eyed smile

:-X – big kiss

;-( – crying face

:-> – grinning

😐 – indifference

:-)) – laughing

🙁 – sad face

😀 – shock or surprise

:-& – tongue tied

:-[ – vampire smiley

:-{} – wearing lipstick

😉 – winking

:-O – yelling

Subject Line Abbreviations

AcronymFull Form
1Lone line
ARaction required
CTAcall to action
EOMend of message (when the email body does not contain text)
FAOfor the attention of
FW: or FWDforwarded
FYIfor your information
FYAfor your action (or for your attention)
FYRfor your reference
FYSAfor your situational awareness
Iinformation (no reply required)
LFlooking for
NBnota bene (“note well” in Latin)
NIM or NMno internal message (in email body)
NNTOno need to open
NONBNon – business
NYRneed your response
NYRTneed your response today
NYRTneed your response quickly
OToff topic
RE or Reregarding
RRreply requested (or reply required)
SSIAsubject says it all
TBFto be forwarded
UDAurgent document attached
VSREvery short reply expected
WAS or Wasindicates that the message “was” originally under another subject

Professional কাজের জন্য বাবহ্রিত Email Abbreviations

AcronymFull Form
ASAPas soon as possible
BCCblind carbon copy
BTWby the way
CCcarbon copy
COBclose of business (day)
EODend of day
EOWend of week
FWIWfor what it’s worth
HTHhope that helps
IMOin my opinion
LETleaving early today
LMKlet me know
LSFWless safe for work
MIAmissing in action
NBDnext business day (or no big deal)
NNTRno need to respond
NRNno reply necessary
NSFWnot safe for work
NWRnot work related
OOOout of the office
PFAplease find attachment
PRBplease reply by
PSpostscriptum (“written after” in Latin)
PSAplease see attachment (or public service announcement)
PYRper your request
RBreply by
RLBread later
RSVPrépondez s’il vous plaît (“Please respond as soon as possible” in French)
SFWsafe for work
TL;DRtoo long; didn’t read
TLTRtoo long to read
TYTtake your time
WFHworking from home
Y/Nyes or no
YTDyear to date