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computer related full forms Starting with > A

AAC ➡️ Advanced Audio Coding.

ABI ➡️ Application Binary Interface.

AHA ➡️ Accelerated Hub Architecture.

ALGOL ➡️ Algorithmic Language.

AJAX ➡️ Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

ABR ➡️ Available Bit Rate.

AD ➡️ Active Directory.

ADC ➡️ Analog – to – Digital Converter / Apple Display Connector (DVI Variant).

ALU ➡️ Arithmetic Logical Unit.

AMD ➡️ Advanced Micro Devices.

AMR ➡️ Audio Modern Riser.

APCI ➡️ Application – Layer Protocol Control Information.

ASP ➡️ Application Service Provider / Active Server Pages.

AST ➡️ Abstract Syntax Tree.

ATA ➡️ Advanced Technology Attachment.

API ➡️ Application Programming Interface.

AVC ➡️ Advanced Video Coding.

AVI ➡️ Audio-Video Interleaved.

AWT ➡️ Abstract Window ToolKit.

ARPANET ➡️ Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

ASCII ➡️ American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

ATM ➡️ Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

computer related full forms Starting with > B

BAL ➡️ Basic Assembly Language.

BER ➡️ Bit Error Rate.

BFD ➡️ Binary File Descriptor.

BGP ➡️ Border Gateway Protocol.

BiDi ➡️ Bi-Directional.

BIN ➡️ Binary.

BASIC ➡️ Beginner All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

BCD ➡️ Binary Coded Decimal.

BINAC ➡️ Binary Automatic Computer.

BIOS ➡️ Basic Input Output System.

BPS ➡️ Bits Per Second.

BMP ➡️ Basic Multilingual Plane.

BT ➡️ BitTorrent/Bluetooth.

BW ➡️ Bandwidth.

BIT ➡️ A Binary Digit.

BLOB ➡️ Binary Large Object.

BLOG ➡️ Web Log.

computer related full forms Starting with > C

CAI ➡️ Computer-Aided Instruction.

CAQA ➡️ Computer-Aided Quality Assurance.

CC ➡️ C Compiler/Carbon Copy.

CAD ➡️ Computer-Aided Design.

CAE ➡️ Computer-Aided Engineering.

CD ➡️ Compact Disk/Change Directory.

CDMA ➡️ Code Division Multiple Access.

CD-RW ➡️ Compact Disk – Rewritable.

CG ➡️ Computer Graphics.

CGA ➡️ Color Graphics Array.

CD-R ➡️ Compact Disk–Recordable.

CD-ROM ➡️ Compact Disk–Read-Only Memory.

CGI ➡️ Common Gateway Interface/Computer–Generated Imaginary.

CMOS ➡️ Complementary Metal – Oxide Semiconductor.

CLI ➡️ Command Line Interface.

CNC ➡️ Computer Numerical Control.

COBOL ➡️ Common Business–Oriented Language.

CIFS ➡️ Common Internet File System.

CIM ➡️ Common Information Model.

CPU ➡️ Central Processing Unit.

CRS ➡️ Computer Reservation System.

CTR ➡️ Cathode Ray Tube.

CTL ➡️ Computation Tree Logic.

CTS ➡️ Clear to Send.

CUA ➡️ Common User Access.

CSI ➡️ Common System Interface.

CSV ➡️ Comma–Separated Values.

CTCP ➡️ Client–to–Client Protocol.

computer related full forms Starting with > D

DAT ➡️ Digital Audio Tape.

DB ➡️ DataBase.

DCC ➡️ Direct Client–to–Client.

DDR ➡️ Double Data Rate.

DES ➡️ Data Encryption Standard.

DFD ➡️ Data Flow Diagram.

DAO ➡️ Data Access Objects.

DAP ➡️ Direct Access Protocol.

DFS ➡️ Distributed File System.

DBA ➡️ Database Administrator.

DBMS ➡️ Database Management System.

DHTML ➡️ Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language.

DIVX ➡️ Digital Video Express.

DVE ➡️ Digital Video Effects.

DNS ➡️ Domain Name System.

DOS ➡️ Disk Operating System.

DPI ➡️ Dots per INCH.

DOS-PMI ➡️ Disk Operating System – Protected Mode Interface.

DLL ➡️ Dynamic Link Library.

DLP ➡️ Digital Light Processing.

DMA ➡️ Direct Memory Access.

DSL ➡️ Digital Subscriber Line/Domain–Specific Language.

DVD-RW ➡️ Digital Versatile Disk–Rewritable.

DVI ➡️ Digital Visual Interface.

DVR ➡️ Digital Video Recorder.

DVD-R ➡️ Digital Versatile Disk – Recordable.

DBSN ➡️ Database Source Name (ODBC).

DTE ➡️ Data Terminal Equipment.

DTR ➡️ Data Terminal Ready.

DVD ➡️ Digital Versatile Disk/Digital Video Disk.

DVD-ROM ➡️ Digital Versatile Disk – Read-Only Memory.

computer related full forms Starting with > E

ECU ➡️ Extended Unix Code.

EST ➡️ Electrostatic Discharge.

EXE ➡️ Executable.

EBCDIC ➡️ Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

EEPROM ➡️ Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only memory.

ENIAC ➡️ Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer.

EOF ➡️ End of File.

EOL ➡️ End of Line.

EOM ➡️ End of Message.

EPROM ➡️ Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.

EID ➡️ Electronic ID Card.

EIGRP ➡️ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.

ELF ➡️ Executable and Linkable Format.

ELM ➡️ Electronic Mail.

computer related full forms Starting with > F

FS ➡️ File System.

FSB ➡️ Front Side Bus.

FTP ➡️ File Transfer Protocol.

FXP ➡️ File Exchange Protocol.

FAT ➡️ File Allocation Table.

FAQ ➡️ Frequently Asked Questions.

FDC ➡️ Floppy Disk Controller.

FHS ➡️ Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

FCS ➡️ Frame Check Sequence.

FPU ➡️ Floating Point Unit.

FDD ➡️ Floppy Disk Drive.

FDMA ➡️ Frequency-Division Multiple Access.

FIFO ➡️ First In First Out.

computer related full forms Starting with > G

Gb ➡️ Gigabit.

GPRS ➡️ General Packet Radio Service.

GPU ➡️ Graphics Processing Unit.

GUI ➡️ Graphical User Interface.

GB ➡️ Gigabyte.

GIGO ➡️ Garbage In Garbage Out.

GPL ➡️ General Public License.

GCR ➡️ Group Code Recording.

GDI ➡️ Graphics Device Interface.

GIF ➡️ Graphics Interchange Format.

computer related full forms Starting with > H

HTM ➡️ Hierarchical Temporal Memory.

HTML ➡️ Hypertext Markup Language.

HTTP ➡️ Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HTTPD ➡️ Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon.

HAL ➡️ Hardware Abstraction Layer.

HCI ➡️ Human-Computer Interaction.

HID ➡️ Human Interface Device.

HIG ➡️ Human Interface Guidelines.

HP ➡️ Hewlett-Packard.

HPFS ➡️ High-Performance File System.

HT ➡️ Hyper-Threading.

HD ➡️ High Density.

HDD ➡️ Hard Disk Drive.

HD DVD ➡️ High Definition DVD.

HDL ➡️ Hardware Description Language.

HHD ➡️ Hybrid Hard Drive.

HTX ➡️ Hyper Transport Expansion.

HURD ➡️ Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons.

HVD ➡️ Holographic Versatile Disk.

HZ ➡️ Hertz.

computer related full forms Starting with > I

ICP ➡️ Internet Cache Protocol.

ICT ➡️ Information and Communication Technology.

IDL ➡️ Interface Definition Language.

IDE ➡️ Integrated Development Environment/Integrated Drive Electronics.

IE ➡️ Internet Explorer.

IGMP ➡️ Internet Group Management Protocol.

IMAP ➡️ Internet Message Access Protocol.

I/O ➡️ Input/Output.

IP ➡️ Internet Protocol.

IGRP ➡️ Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.

IBM ➡️ International Business Machines.

IC ➡️ Integrated Circuit.

ICMP ➡️ Internet Control Message Protocol.

IHV ➡️ Independent Hardware Vendor.

IIOP ➡️ Internet Iner-Orb-Protocol.

IIS ➡️ Internet Information Server.

IM ➡️ Instant Messaging.

IPC ➡️ Inter-Process Communication.

IPP ➡️ Internet Printing Protocol.

IPsec ➡️ Internet Protocol Security.

IPTV ➡️ Internet Protocol Television.

IPX ➡️ Internetwork Packet Exchange.

IRC ➡️ Internet Relay Chat.

IrDA ➡️ Infrared Data Association.

IRP ➡️ I/O Request Packet.

IRQ ➡️ Interrupt Request.

ISC ➡️ Internet Storm Center.

ISO ➡️ International Organisation for Standardization.

IT ➡️ Information Technology.

ITU ➡️ International Telecommunication Union.

ISOC ➡️ Internet Society.

ISP ➡️ Internet Service Provider.

ISR ➡️ Interrupt Service Routine.

ISV ➡️ Independent Software Vendor.

full form in computer Starting with > J

JPEG ➡️ Joint Photographic Experts Group.

JRE ➡️ Java Runtime Environment.

JS ➡️ JavaScript.

JSON ➡️ JavaScript Object Notation.

JSP ➡️ Java Server Pages.

J2EE ➡️ Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

J2ME ➡️ Java 2 Micro Edition.

J2SE ➡️ Java 2 Standard Edition.

JDK ➡️ Java Development KIT.

JUG ➡️ Java User Group.

full form in computer Starting with > K

KHz ➡️ Kilohertz.

KB ➡️ Kilobyte.

Kb ➡️ Kilobit.

KBPS ➡️ Kilobit per second.

KVM ➡️ Keyboard, Video, Mouse.

full form in computer Starting with > L

LSB ➡️ Least Significant Bit.

LAN ➡️ Local Area Network.

LED ➡️ Light-Emitting Diode.

LIFO ➡️ Last In First Out.

full form in computer Starting with > M

MBCS ➡️ Multi Byte Character Set.

MBR ➡️ Master Boot Record.

MDI ➡️ Multiple Document Interface.

MICR ➡️ Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

MAN ➡️ Metropolitan Area Network.

MANET ➡️ Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.

Mb ➡️ Megabit.

MB ➡️ Megabyte.

MIDI ➡️ Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

MMU ➡️ Memory Management Unit.

MMX ➡️ Multi-Media Extensions.

MNG ➡️ Multiple-image Network Graphics.

MOSFET ➡️ Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor.

MIMO ➡️ Multiple-Input Multiple Output.

MIPS ➡️ Million Instructions Per Second.

MIME ➡️ Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

MHz ➡️ Megahertz.

MPEG ➡️ Motion Pictures (coding) Experts Group.

MVS ➡️ Multiple Vendor System.

MPL ➡️ Mozilla Public License.

MSB ➡️ Most Significant Bit.

MS-DOS ➡️ Microsoft Disk Operating System.

full form in computer Starting with > N

NOP ➡️ NO Operation.

NOS ➡️ Network Operating System.

NT (Windows) ➡️ New Technology.

NTFS ➡️ NT File System.

NFS ➡️ Network File System.

NIC ➡️ Network Interface Controller.

NIO ➡️ New I/O.

NMI ➡️ Non-Maskable Interrupt.

NNTP ➡️ Network News Transfer Protocol.

NTP ➡️ Network Time Protocol.

NVRAM ➡️ Non-Volatile Random Access Memory.

computer full form Starting with > O

OS ➡️ Operating System.

OSS ➡️ Open Source Software.

OCR ➡️ Optical Character Reader.

OOP ➡️ Object-Oriented Programming.

OPML ➡️ Outline Processor Markup Language.

computer full form Starting with > P

PATA ➡️ Parallel ATA.

PC ➡️ Personal Computer.

PCB ➡️ Printed Circuit Board.

PC DOS ➡️ Personal Computer Disk Operating System.

P2P ➡️ Peer-To-Peer.

PAN ➡️ Personal Area Network.

PAP ➡️ Password Authentication Protocol.

PCI ➡️ Peripheral Component Interconnect.

PCIe ➡️ PCI Express.

PCL ➡️ Printer Command Language.

PERL ➡️ Practical Extraction and Reporting Language.

PIO ➡️ Programmed Input/Output.

PLC ➡️ Power Line Communication / Programmable Logic Controller.

Pnp ➡️ Plug-and-Play.

PGA ➡️ Pin Grid Array.

PHP ➡️ PHP ➡️ Hypertext Preprocessor.

PIC ➡️ Peripheral Interface Controller / Programmable Interrupt Controller.

PINE ➡️ Program for Internet News & Email.

PoE ➡️ Power Over Ethernet.

POST ➡️ Power-On Self Test.

PPC ➡️ Power PC.

PPI ➡️ Pixels Per Inch.

PPP ➡️ Point-to-Point Protocol.

PPPoA ➡️ PPP over ATM.

PPPoE ➡️ PPP over Ethernet.

PPTP ➡️ Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol.

PSU ➡️ Power Supply Unit.

computer full form Starting with > Q

QFP ➡️ Quick File Access.

QDR ➡️ Quad Data Rate.

QFP ➡️ Quad Flat Package.

QoS ➡️ Quality of Service.

computer full form Starting with > R

RAIT ➡️ Redundant Array of Inexpensive Tapes.

RAM ➡️ Random Access Memory.

RARP ➡️ Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.

RAD ➡️ Rapid Application Development.

RADIUS ➡️ Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service.

RAID ➡️ Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

RDBMS ➡️ Relation Database Management System.

RDF ➡️ Resource Description Framework.

REEAL ➡️ Recursive Functions Algorithmic Language.

RF ➡️ Radio Frequency.

RGB ➡️ Red, Green, Blue (RGBA- Red, Green, Blue, Alpha).

RTOS ➡️ Real-Time Operating System.

RIP ➡️ Routing Information Protocol.

ROM ➡️ Read-Only Memory.

ROMB ➡️ Read-Out Motherboard.

ROM-DOS ➡️ Read Only Memory-Disk Operating System.

computer full form Starting with > S

SDL ➡️ Simple Direct Media Layer.

SDN ➡️ Service Delivery Network.

SDR ➡️ Software-Defined Radio.

SAN ➡️ Storage Area Network.

SATA ➡️ Serial ATA.

SAX ➡️ Simple API of XML.

SBP-2 ➡️ Serial Bus Protocol 2.

SBU ➡️ Standard Build Unit.

SCSI ➡️ Small Computer System Interface.

SDRAM ➡️ Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.

SFTP ➡️ Secure FTP/Simple File Transfer Protocol.

SHDSL ➡️ Single-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line.

SPI ➡️ Serial Peripheral Interface.

SQL ➡️ Structured Query Language.

SUS ➡️ Single UNIX Specification.

SVD ➡️ Structured VLSI Design.

SVG ➡️ Scalable Vector Graphics.

SIMD ➡️ Single Instruction, Multiple Data.

SIMM ➡️ Single Inline Memory Module.

SMBIOS ➡️ System Management BIOS.

SMTP ➡️ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

SP ➡️ Service Pack.

SVGA ➡️ Super Video Graphics Array.

computer full form Starting with > T

TDMA ➡️ Time Division Multiple Access.

TMP ➡️ Temporary.

TTA ➡️ True Tap Audio.

TTF ➡️ True Type Font.

TB ➡️ TeraByte.

TCP ➡️ Transmission Control Protocol.

TCP/IP ➡️ Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.

TTL ➡️ Transistor-Transistor-Logic.

TTS ➡️ Text-to-Speech.

TTY ➡️ Teletype.

computer related full forms Starting with > U

UEFI ➡️ Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.

UI ➡️ User Interface.

UL ➡️ Upload.

UAC ➡️ User Account Control.

UART ➡️ Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter.

UPS ➡️ Uninterruptible Power Supply.

URI ➡️ Uniform Resource Identifier.

URL ➡️ Uniform Resource Locator.

URN ➡️ Uniform Resource Name.

USB ➡️ Universal Serial Bus.

UTF ➡️ Unicode Transformation Format.

UTP ➡️ Unshielded Twisted Pair.

computer related full forms Starting with > V

VAR ➡️ Variable.

VB ➡️ Visual Basic.

VBA ➡️ Visual Basic for Applications.

VBS ➡️ Visual Basic Script.

VFAT ➡️ Virtual FAT.

VFS ➡️ Virtual File System.

VGA ➡️ Video Graphics Array.

VT ➡️ Video Terminal.

VGCT ➡️ Video Graphics Character Table.

VLAN ➡️ Virtual Local Area Network.

VM ➡️ Virtual Memory.

VOD ➡️ Video On Demand.

VoIP ➡️ Voice Over IP.

VPN ➡️ Virtual Private Network.

VPU ➡️ Visual Processing Unit.

computer related full forms Starting with > W

WAN ➡️ Wide Area Network.

WAP ➡️ Wireless Access Protocol.

Wi-Fi ➡️ Wireless Fidelity.

WinFS ➡️ Windows Future Storage.

WSDL ➡️ Web Services Description Language.

WUSB ➡️ Wireless Universal Serial Bus.

WWAN ➡️ Wireless Wide Area Network.

WWID ➡️ World Wide Identifier.

WWW ➡️ World Wide Web.

WINS ➡️ Windows Internet Naming Service.

WLAN ➡️ Wireless Local Area Network.

WMA ➡️ Windows Media Audio.

WMV ➡️ Windows Media Video.

WOL ➡️ Wake-on-Lan.

WOM ➡️ Wake-on-Modem.

WPA ➡️ Wi-Fi Protected Access.

computer related full forms Starting with > X

XAML ➡️ Extensible Application Markup Language.

XHTML ➡️ Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.

XSL ➡️ Extensible Stylesheet Language.

XSL-FO ➡️ Extensible StyleSheet Language Formatting Objects.

XSLIT ➡️ Extensible StyleSheet Language Transformations.

XUL ➡️ XML User Interface Language.

XML ➡️ Extensible Markup Language.

XNS ➡️ Xerox Network Services.

XMMS ➡️ X MultiMedia System.

computer related full forms Starting with > Z

ZIFS ➡️ Zero Insertion Force Socket.

ZISC ➡️ Zero Instruction Set Computer.

ZMA ➡️ Zone Multicast Address.